With the GET2POINT you can do without an IT specialist

We will provide you with easy and quick solutions and answers not only to the foregoing questions. Define any type of form for data collection (including photographs or signing a document). Send out your employees to the field according to the prearranged plan of selected visit sites. Now just wait until your field workers quickly fill in forms in their mobile device and send them back to you including the GPS coordinates. There is no easier way.

How can the GET2POINT system help you?

Data collection

Collecting data from end devices, service companies, assembly companies

  • Manuals and documentation always at hand
  • Actual state documented with photographs
  • Complaint report
  • Service report
  • Data reading (e.g. electricity meters)

Monitoring activities

A definite proof of the work done for the customer

  • Supervision over employees and their work in the field
  • Filling in work record sheets, date and place of visit (or order) is displayed
  • Signing of the handover protocol by the customer on the display of the mobile device
  • Photo documentation of the work done including GPS coordinates and a timestamp


POS installation guides always at hand

  • Checking the occupation of hot spots including photo documentation
  • Service quality survey
  • Supervision over promoters at promotional events
  • Public opinion survey


Price lists always at hand

  • Checking the occupation of hot spots including photo documentation
  • Acquisition forms of new customers
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Competition monitoring
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Two guys
PDF Export and printing
About the system
Get2point system is provided as a service.
With us you don't have calculate whether o not your investment costs will pay off. Use of the system is billed on a monthly basis, so it is suitable even for short-time activities such as surveys or discontinuous inspection activities. The system does not impose any requirements on the infrastructure, everything is cloud hosted.
You can do it yourself
The user himself defines the type of data he would like to collect in the field. Our pre-defined templates for individual company verticals can serve as an inspiration. Do you need to change the structure of collected data? There is nothing easier. The change will take only a few seconds.
Mobile system
The mobile system was prepared for Windows 8 platform and optimized for tablets. It works even without internet connection. Therefore your employees can be moving in areas of no cell signal and you do not have to spend money on mobile internet connection.
Data is clearly reported into Microsoft Excel 2013. Thus you use a tool you are familiar with. Do not waste your time on tedious learning of new technologies. You do not own Microsoft Excel 2013? No problem, the completely free application Office Online will do. Minimization of customer's costs was our number one priority in the development of the Get2point system.
Great accessibility
There is no need to integrate the system into your infrastructure. Therefore it is suitable for temporary workers who bring their own device. You no longer have to be concerned with a complex VPN / firewall configuration, just leave it to us! The system is instantly accessible from anywhere.


PROGRAMM s.r.o. has a long-term experience with the development of mobile information systems. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers such as:
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